This application will enables tenants or residents to report local problems in a more convenient way. The application will be accessed through the web or a Smartphone application. The tool
is centered on a web-based application that displays all user submitted issues.

The Application is a platform that enables residents to directly report to their administration local issues about their neighborhood such as faulty repairs, maintenance tips from residents, etc.

The reported issues are automatically transmitted to the appropriate office in the housing company administration so as to schedule their settlement. Reporting is feasible both through a web- and a smartphone-based front-end that adopt a map-based visualization, which makes reporting a user-friendly and intriguing process.

The management and routing of incoming issues will be performed through a back-end infrastructure that serves as an integrated management system with easy to use interfaces. Apart from reporting a new issue, both front-ends allow the citizens to add comments or vote on existing issues, which adds a social dimension on the collected content.

Users may add photos, comments, suggest solutions for improving the environment of their neighborhood, or add video and pictures and they can be informed about the solving stage of the reported problem. E-mail alerts are also available.

Finally, the platform makes also provision for informing the residents about the progress status of the reported issue and in this way facilitate the establishment of a two-way dialogue between the residents and administration.


The main functionalities that will be offered by the Smart Reporting Application platform include:
  • a map-based and a list-based view of the reported issues that are also supported by filtering mechanisms, allowing the user to quickly obtain an overview of the existing problems,
  • a “new issue” reporting functionality that allows the user to easily describe, locate, visualize and submit an issue,
  • a mechanism for all registered users to comment on reported issues or give their positive vote, and
  • a feedback mechanism for informing the citizens about the current progress of their issues.

The Smart Reporting Application platform will be structured as a client-server application and is implemented as an extension of a web-based framework. The platform will consists of:

  • Web-based portal for allowing citizens to report issues from their desktop PC,
  • Smartphone application for android devices & IOS that allows citizens to do the same process through their mobile phone and a
  • Back-end infrastructure for allowing the appropriate authorities or agencies to easily handle the reported issues.

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