VitalClick, a well reputed software developing agency is offering its service over the last decade has designed a Bus Reservation System for the welfare of transport industry named by BRS. It is high resulted, well-secured system, been designed by some young promising skilled developers. It was developed using JavaScript JS, CSS, PHP, SQL files under CodeIgniter framework. BRS is compatible with IE10, IE11, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome, Edge browser and also movable on Computer, Mobile & Tablet as well. This software is not third-party based and you can own it by onetime payment. BRS is secured and on demand customizable. Besides it is a multilingual software & having unlimited user access point with an admin panel. You will get each & every integrated management system.

Bus Reservation System is a software for Online ticket booking, Trip & fleet management, Counter functionality & agent management, System to evaluate performance of driver, conductor & employee, Vehicle management & reservation for all important data, Fitness tracking of vehicle, Adjustment of expense vs income, Taking quick decision, assurance of overall automated management in whole reservation system & transport business for the large, medium and small transportation trade organisation having a large amount of fleet.

This software is generally compatible with every operating system and obviously on Computer, Mobile, and Tablet as well. It’s a set of integrated coding adjacent to a responsive website. Codes are being set under a well-organized framework. Generally, it’s made of HTML, CSS, PHP, MySQL, JavaScript etc coding language. It’s a well secured, dynamic and automated management system.

Now, it is obligatory having a bus reservation system for every transportation corporation in the age of UBER and 4th Industrial Revolution. Many web developing agencies are offering this tool but we have designed the best one contrasted to value we receive from you.